At Columbia, we believe that at the heart of any beneficial counselling relationship is a sense of warmth, acceptance, and safety where the client feels respected, valued, and heard.  We are a group of counsellors dedicated to your wellbeing as a whole person. We offer a variety of services through our wide range of experience and education that can assist you with all your needs. It is our goal to create an atmosphere of safety, warmth and respect that supports you and your family.



Brian Klassen,
M.Ed., R.C.C

"My belief about the therapy process is that in order to heal and grow, we need to “feel felt”. We long to feel that the one listening to us is resonating with our story and with our pain, fears, and hurt.  Healing comes as we experience that our concerns and story matter and make sense, freeing us to gain the courage to deal with the reality of our lives.  Through this experience of acceptance and validation, we are able to safely integrate our deepest hurts, find hope and move towards healing and wholeness."

Haide Giesbrecht,  
M.A., R.C.C.

"The most important values that influence my work are authenticity, safety, and emotional health. I seeks to live authentically whether I am in the counselling office or in the community. My number one priority is that my clients feel safe, secure and valued in my presence. I seek to help clients find ways to care for themselves and grow to become the people they desire to be. I care deeply about my clients and enjoy seeing positive change in their lives as they move toward wholeness."

Ross Hyde,  
M.C., R.C.C.

"My approach to counselling is imbued in attachment theory and is client-centred with an interest in the network of relationships in people’s lives which impact their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. People who see me for counselling can expect a friendly, warm, compassionate and genuine person who works from a place of curiosity. I would be honoured to walk alongside you on your journey toward healing, growth, wellness and peace."

M.C., R.C.C.

"It is my goal to create an atmosphere of safety, warmth and respect that supports people to courageously tell their story, face and experience difficult emotions, learn new ways of coping, repair relationships, transform the impact of trauma, and move towards the change they seek to make in their lives. I believe that as we give voice to our pain within the context of a safe, caring, and validating environment, we are freed to move beyond the pain towards growth, healing and wholeness. 


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